PearPC Control Panel

PearPC Control Panel 1.0

An easy to use software which helps users emulate a Mac inside Windows and Linux

Setting up the emulator is fun and easy! But before you begin installing, there are a few things that you need to assemble:
- A copy of Mac OS X. You can use version 10.4 (Tiger) or earlier. You can use an OS X install CD, or a disk image that you've created or downloaded. The screenshots and instructions in this guide are of 10.4, although other versions are set up in a very similar way. Note: You cannot use a physical DVD image. DVD is not emulated. If you have a physical DVD, you need to make an image from it. Physical CDs can be used.
- A front-end called PearPC Control Panel which can be used to set up the emulator. This is optional.
- A bootable 6 GB disk image. Note: Because this image is entirely empty, it is compressed down to a tiny size. It will, however, take five minutes (or more) to expand

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